Anat Stainberg

Anat Stainberg: performance artist, writer and video maker, with traditional theater and film background - originally an actress from Tel Aviv and since 2004 based in Europe, a graduate of DasArts (a post graduate institution for advanced research in dance film and theatre). Her works were shown at Galleries (Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam), Performance-Centers (Tanzquartier, Wien) and  Music and film festivals (Wien Modern, UNIMOVIE Italy). Her Performance-Installation “The Loop” was shown at brut Vienna October 08, where also her last performance „Things“ premiered February 2010.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

25. 4. 2010: “TRANSITION PART 2: riding the turtle“
25. 12 .2016: „Desert Bloom"
28. 01 .2024: Art’s Birthday 2024 – Teil 2