Oleg Soulimenko

The Russian performance artist Oleg Soulimenko lives and works in Vienna and Moscow. His performances were presented in venues and festivals as Festwochen, Tanzquartier Wien, brut Wien and Impulstanz in Vienna, Performa in New York, Sophiensaele and Tanz im August in Berlin, Theater Festival Impulse in Germany, Kaai Theatre in Brussels, Southern Theater in Minneapolis, Baltic Circle in Helsinki and Kunsthalle Wien. Together with Rosemarie Poiarkov he did his debut on radio Ö1 with “Made in Austria”, a radio play about people who came to live in Vienna from all over the world and found their happiness here. In the last years Soulimenko experimented with lo-fi music and story telling. His last performance LOSS will be presented at Impulstanz festival in Leopod Museum in August 2017.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
07. 05. 2017: „Bloom Blum Baby. Radio-Musical”
20. 10. 2019: "Dreams and Tears of Anna Karenina (What Tolstoy didn't write)"