Jannick Kirk Soerensen

Born in Denmark 1967.

B.A. in Theatre studies and Aestetics and history of dance, Copenhagen University.

Soundartist and freelancejournalist, Danish Broadcasting Corporation. A variety of cultural, biographical and Ars Acustica radiofeatures from 1993-2000, among others at Lydmuren, Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Interests: Sound, narrativity and interaction. Spoken tales and lifestories, the voice and the pauses and meanings between words.

IT-Interactiondesign student at Malmoe University, Sweden 2000 - 2002: http://webzone.k3.mah.se/k00ao7js/

Member of the soundartist group 'van Gogh'.

Involved in SOUND/GALLERY, - the 25 underground loudspeakers at Copenhagen City Square.

email: jannicks@soundart.dk