Debashis Sinha

Debashis Sinha's creative output spans a broad range of genres and media, from world music percussion on the concert stage, to solo audiovisual performances in galleries, to the interior spaces between 2 headphones. Driven by a fierce commitment to the primacy of sound, Sinha has developed a distinct palette of creative practice by weaving together his own experience as a 2nd generation south Asian Canadian, his training with master drummers from various world music traditions, a love of electronic and electroacoustic music and technology, and a desire to transcend the traditional expectations of how these streams might intersect and interact. This approach has led Sinha to realize projects spanning the genres of radiophonic art, single and multi-channel video, audiovisual performance, installation art, and music, traveling from Banff to Berlin to exhibit and perform in a variety of contexts.

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

21. 08. 2011: „Kanadische Radiokunst heute"