Lukas Simonis


  • has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical ‘activist’ in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties ( Throbbing Gristle, the Residents, Pere Ubu, Sonic Youth and beyond). Being a part of the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene (a collective that consisted of heavy drug induced punk rockers, freejazzers, early electronic musicians and pre-postrock combo’s) he discovered the delimited world of improvisation. In the meantime & after he played in bands like Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W, Morzelpronk, AA Kismet, Liana Flu Winks, VRIL, Stepmother, Perfect Vacuum and Coolhaven. At the same time he was/is organising concerts, events and films, first at the Jazzbunker in Rotterdam later on the Dissonanten festival, the Dissidenten festival, Popifilm, Dodorama , WORM, a multimedia centre for experimental art and for stichting KLANGENDUM.

    Lukas is the concierge of the Worm sound Studio where lots of musicians and soundartists do residencies, make soundworks and radioart. Since 2005 he got more and more involved in radio as an artform, making pieces for several broadcasts, (ao. radia network, Soundart radio, VPRO, Concertzender, ORF) having a weekly radiophonics program and ,since covid ,organising RADIO WORM as a community broadcast that transmits daily on internet and AM (for the very happy few).

    Current projects are; Coolhaven (still), Deus Cantos, Perfect Vacuum, Bazip Zeehok (with GJ Prins and Jos Ex), Perfect Vacuum, Nina Hitz, Pierre Bastien, The Static Tics… (among others)

    Sendungen im Kunstradio:

  • 07 01 2024: AI, TEXTURES, LOOPS & PAIN (a summary of radiamatics)

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