* 1972

As a child he studied the alto saxophone for several years, in the same time experimenting with analog sampling methods and multi-track recording. While college touring with Bob Rutman's Steelcello Ensemble and the french trombone player Marc Boukouya. After school working as a freelance composer and musician in the jazz, contemporary and improvised music context. Now he is mainly involved in electronic and self-made instruments/objects for sound production.

From 1992 a three years collaboration with the new music composer J.A. Riedl as an assistant and musician for several productions and festivals. He was awarded with the "Foerderstipendium Musik" by the city of Munich in 1994 and is living in Berlin since late 1995. There he has been working with numerous groups and musicians of the younger generation, active in the diverse fields of advanced and experimental music.

In 1998 he founded "Edition Zangi" followed by the label "Zarek" in 2000.

Since the second half of the nineties he is mainly involved in electronic projects and live-electronic solo performances, current projects include Perlonex (with Joerg Maria Zeger & Burkhard Beins), Petit Pale (with Andrea Neumann), Necessaire (with Alessandro Bosetti, Mark Wastell & Burkhard Beins),Trio with Phil Durrant and Burkhard Beins, Duo with Axel Doerner, Phosphor (with Axel Doerner, Robin Hayward, Michael Renkel, Annette Krebs, Andrea Neumann & Burkhard Beins)

He was part of radio broadcasts (DRS II, BR II, S) and he has been extensively touring Europe for several years, playing many festivals (Bonner Herbst, Donaueschingen, Forum Stadtpark Graz, Echtzeitmusiktage Berlin, Festival fuer Andere Musik Berlin, Kulturgarage Stralsund, 2:13 Festival Berlin, Terza Prattica Festival Amsterdam, IZ(Z)VEN Slovenia, Rumor Festival Utrecht, ...).

He played, worked, recorded or toured with:
Arurmukha, Zoro Babel, Mathias Bauer, Burkhard Beins, Alessandro Bosetti, Marc Boukouya, Tony Buck, Don Cherry, Gesine Conrad, Rhodri Davies, Jim Denley, Abdourahmane Diop, Axel Doerner, Phil Durrant, Steven Garling, Bernd Jestram, Jason Kahn, Aleks Kolkowski, Annette Krebs, Borut Krzisnik, Christoph Kurzmann, Kalle Laar, Ronald Lippock, Greg Malcolm, Stephan Mathieu, Andrea Neumann, Jim Pepper, Micheal Renkel, Olaf Rupp, Bob Rutman, Stol, Sebi Tramontana, Ruppert Volz, Jenny Ward, Mark Wastell, Wu Wei, ...