Miroslav Savic

Born 9.5.1954

Graduated from the Faculty of Musical Arts at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in Composition and Orchestration, under the guidance of Prof. Vasilije MOKRANJAC.

As an editor of the musical program of the University Cultural Center, he was , over many years, engaged with the promotion of Belgrade authors' minimal music and the production of their works interpreted by the "Ensemble for Different New Music", with record editions and has produced essays on minimal music.
In addition to composing music, he is the author of various kinds of works in the field of multimedia, video, performance, and computer installations.
He is a member of the Composers' Association of Serbia and Artists' Association of Serbia.

He is now occupied with the integration of the elements of time and space into musical forms. Both the form and volume of a musical instrument are integral parts of a composition, as well as the architecture of the space in which the work is performed, together with the frequencies of tones brought into accord with space and time dimensions.

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