Dario Sanfilippo


Dario Sanfilippo was born in Agrigento, Italy, in 1983. He is a freelance composer, performer and sound artist whose research is focused on the study and exploration of complex dynamical feedback systems for non-conventional sound synthesis, improvised human-machine interaction performances, and autonomous sound installations. His works and research have been presented in international festivals and contemporary music events such as AudioArt Festival, Curva Minore Festival, Acoustic Fields Festival, AudioVisiva Festival, Quiet Cue concert series, Live!iXem Festival, Logos Foundation series, as well as universities and centers like Naples’ L’Orientale University, Music and Performing Arts University of Vienna, University of Graz (IEM), Bangor University, Queen Mary University of London, Goldsmiths University, Institute of Sonology. His works and research have been selected for international conferences like International Computer Music Conference 2012, Sound and Music Computing 2011, Digital Music Research Network 2011, Colloquium of Musical Informatics 2010 and 2012, INTER/actions Symposium 2012, and they have been published by record labels such as Creative Sources, Die Schachtel and Idroscalo, and journals like Computer Music Journal (MIT Press). In the course of the years, he has collaborated with artists such as Agostino Di Scipio, Tim Hodgkinson, Thomas Lehn, Cat Hope, Peter Kutin, Andrea Valle, Birgit Ulher, SEC_, Chris Galarreta, Noid. He has attained a Bachelor in Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Trapani, and a Master’s Degree in Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Naples.

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