Kari Robertson

Kari Robertson


Kari Robertson (b.1988 Edinburgh, Scotland) is a visual artist based in The Netherlands, who works primarily in film, video and sound.
She currently co-runs GHOST, with Madison Bycroft and Natalia Sorzano; a nomadic curatorial project who programme monthly screenings at WORM Filmhaus Rotterdam as well as recent exhibitions in Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn and MIAMI, Bogota.
Alongside her visual artwork Kari plays in experimental band Difficult with fellow artists Eothan Stearn and Tracy Hanna, which is a noisy and public meditation on punk/DIY/improvisational sound-making and total non-expertise.
In her practice Kari takes a ‘sci-fi’ approach to subjectivity, using narrative and characterisation as tools to re/un-think the sovereignty of our bodies, identities and minds, and ultimately as a means to access forms of ‘radical empathy’. Her narratives are often driven by protagonists who are marginal, ambivalent, unstable, or abhorrent. Humour and absurdity are taken seriously and always foundational in her work.

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

26. 05. 2019 - “Glass Enclosed”