Martins Ratniks

Martins Ratniks is media artist, working in the fields of sound, digital video, design, and has contributed a lot in developing Riga VJ's scene. He is a key member of the E-LAB, and RIXC, and co-founder of digital video artists group and label F5. Together with E-LAB and F5 he has has participated in various international exhibitions and media art festivals:
Ars Electronica festival 1998
net_condition at ZKM 1999
ArtGenda 2000 Helsinki
net.congestion festival in Amsterdam 2000
The 25th Bienal de Sao Paulo 2001
Art+Communication festival in Riga 1997-2002
He has developed visual conception and design for E-LAB/RIXC "Acoustic.Space" readers, Tilman's Baumgaertels book "" latvian issue and other publications. He also has co-produced a number of radio programmes for internet radio OZOne, and Xchange collaborative net-casting sessions (since 1997).