Oriol Graus

Born in Barcelona in 1957. He studied composition with Gabriel Brncic and attended courses and seminars with Luigi Nono, Dieter Schneabel, Joseph Mª Mestres-Quadreny and Lluis Callejo. Several of his compositions have been internationally awarded. His works have been performed in various countries in Europe and America.

In 1992 he was asked by CDMC to compose a work for instrumental group with amplified instruments electronically transforming the sound, live. Following this trajectory, in 1993 he received a scholarship from both Phonos Foundation and “Grup Instrumental Barcelona 216”.

Besides his instrumental and mixed compositions (electronic and traditional instruments), individually and in cooperation with other composers and artists of other disciplines, he has composed works for interdisciplinary projects, working a.o. with dancers, performers, images and tapes.

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