Ilya Monosov

ouldpack#1 (edition of 30, assembled for the Nihilist Spasm Band's Art Pratten) included is a collection of works from 1995-1996, mainly covering tape music & improvisation

ouldpack#2 (edition of 50) documentation of audio and visual works by Ilya Monosov, Matt DeGennaro, Makoto Kawabata, and Marc Schulz. Ilya Monosov's contributions include a graphic score ' 4 CONTINUOUS SOUNDS ' presented as a group of punnet squares and some approximate instructions. Secondly, an important document of the composer's work with overdriven no-input mixing boards is presented. The work is a cut from a largely sparse piece recorded in 1998.

'A Story Of Creation' CD (Ilya Monosov - turntables, electronics, effects. Makoto Kawabata - sarangi)

Stamp #1 (self published stamp) 'To Do With Building'

Niamoto M. CD split (Ilya Monosov publishes the CD & contributes a document of a guitar feedback performance as well as 2 short tracks titled Zen Phrases for R.J.

Photography Series ' Somethings #1 through ' is initiated.

A Series of sculptures made as a tribute to artist Joe Jones is finished. Each sculpture is a vinyl record with attached chimes & other objects / the sculptures using their praise when placed on a record player.

Poems By Chance - a book of visual poetry published by poet Bob Cobbing

Stamp #2 - A Collaboration with artist Marc Schulz. 'a stamp with a hole and a backside to match'

Vinyl Document #1 (published by Elevator Bath) this LP includes 'For 2 Glitching Organs', piece #2 documenting a performance (electronic buzzer and 2 music boxes), the B:side is a electronic piece composed by Andrew Deutsch with added sound by Pauline Oliveros. The piece is composed completely from the works of Ilya Monosov

Time-Reactive Poms (boxed edition / in collaboration with Bob Cobbing)

Music For Everyone 'Works By Ilya Monosov' covers the entire 'natural theater' series of public performance. The catalog also features WatchTV piece, autonomous guitar composition for Marc Schulz, excerpt from 'For 2 Glitching Organs', 'Simple Recordings' (field recordings with overdriven mixing boards and mic), music box works, Virus Music, and more...

Rework of Andrew Deutsch & Tony Conrad performance (to be published...)

'Electronic Music - Everyday' (a score composed for Marc Schulz's fluxus exhibit gazzete)

Chess Works (2 relating works: geography of Chance & 10 pages of the word 'chance' written over and over.. both works introduced by the artist as The Chances of Choice)

Music For Listening / '3 pieces of silence separated by digitally treated trumpet. a series of silent windows is created through which one can listen to other environmental musics. the sound combines also with these sounds creating a new piece with each listen' (to be published by bremsstrahlung Records as a split with Radu Malfati)

Selected & Bound - since being admitted into the Frogpeak Collective Ilya Monosov published this collection of scores exclusively for his new found home.

Architectures On Air - an essay accompanying the artist's newly finished electro acoustic piece composed from pre-recorded speech patterns of CVA victims obtained during sound therapy sessions conducted by Ilya Monosov in 1999. The piece received some additional treatments by composer Larry Polansky.

Music For Touching is initiated as a series of performances and publications. The works include 'a Sand Box For Children' (a sand scooper, a box, sand, and 2 speakers, + composed sound) which allows for a very physical manipulation of sound using hands, sand, scooper and etc. Secondly, the book Music For Touching is published in 2002 and is presented as musical patterns to be recognized only by touch (the book is printed without ink, and contains embossed sound patterns). Lastly, Ilya Monosov will be working on a way to create a multiple he calls Audio Research Lab, which will make his ideas available to anyone that wants them in kit-like format. (this multiple will be ready in the summer of 2003)

Notable Performances: (2001-2002):
Silent Music - 2 public actions. The first was scored for a toy trumpet, a balloon, and silence. The 2nd is executed with objects*, koto, and 2 radios at a public pond in the darkness of a warm spring night. *(objects constructed from dry plants hung on circular wooden rings, rusty metal, and toy instruments from Thailand)

With Womb Collective (Ilya Monosov plays guitar and vibes in a large group of improvisers including composer Christopher Williams, Ray Rapossa, and others from the San Diego area) to be released as a vinyl document: Womb Collective (dotdotdot records, Ireland)

Day Of Attention - hosted by lowercase / bremsstrahlung label boss Josh Russell. Ilya Monosov presents A Study Of Nothingness and The Disposition Of Sound as a structure, in which he attempts to explain the connection between his sound works and the role of 'shi'.

EO#1 - a non-stop 4 hour record-less turntable improvisation with his friends C. Kkliu and Josh Russell.

Rubble At Spruce - the artist presents "Music For Touching" #1 LIVE, in which, Ilya Monosov attacks a speaker with various objects turning it into an instrument. He molds the pre-recorded random low frequency noise into a beautiful music at the end destroying the speaker. 'Romeo And Juliet' scored for silence, 1 sound, and a flashlight is also performed.

'City Things' - with C. Kkliu

Simple Recordings (document to be released on S'agitarius Records, Italy)

For Well-Treated Trumpet (to be released on Ace Farren Ford's upcoming LAFMS gazzette CD compilation)

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