photo taken by Paul Couillard
document from a performance by Christof Migone & Alexandre St-Onge entitled 'disclosures',June 2001, Toronto.

Christof Migone

Christof Migone is a multidisciplinary artist. He was involved in community radio in Canada from 1984 to 1994. He has performed at Resonance FM (London), Nouvelles Scènes (Dijon), On the Air (Innsbruck), Quinzaine de la Voix (Montréal), Radio Canada, Ars Electronica, Experimental Intermedia, Musiques Fragiles, Gallery Oboro, KunstRadio's Recycling the Future. His installations have been exhibited at the Banff Center (Radio Rethink), Gallery 101, Art Lab, eyelevelgallery, Forest City Gallery, Studio 5 Beekman. He has curated a number of events in the sound and radio arts: Touch that Dial (1990), Radio Contortions (1991), Rappel (1994), Double Site (1998). His writings have appeared in Musicworks, Semiotext(e), Radio Rethink, Cahiers Folie Culture, The Drama Review, Angelaki. His audio work has appeared on Alien8, Locust, Ohm/Avatar, ND, ooze.bap, and squintfuckerpress. He is a founding member of Avatar in Québec City and is currently living in Brooklyn (New York) completing a PhD in Performance Studies at New York University. With Brandon LaBelle, he recently co-edited the book and CD Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language.

Sendungen im ORF Kunstradio:

16. 12. 1993: RADIOKUNST aus KANADA
04. 01. 1996: Ding Dong Deluxe
18. - 27. 07. 1997: Recycling the Future II
08. - 13. 09.1997: Recycling the Future III
05. 12. 1997: Recycling The Future IV
25. 11. 2001: "Hold - Tenir - Halten"
27. 09. 2025: "Record Release 7-inch"