Mathias Fuchs

Biographical statement:

I studied computer science at Technical University in Erlangen, Germany, and Vienna and also Electronic Music at the Music Academy in Vienna (Roman Haubenstock-Ramati and Dieter Kaufmann) and at EMS in Stockholm (Tamas Ungvary, Lars Gunnar Bodin). I returned to Austria to teach "Telecommunication and Music" at the Academy of Applied Arts (Prof. Roy Ascott) in Vienna. I also set up and directed a multimedia studio, called FREE MEDIA MIX, at the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1994 I am a lecturer at "University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz".

Since my graduation from Technical University and Music Academy in 1978, I have been mainly active in four different fields:

  1. Musical composition and performance
  2. Radio broadcasting
  3. Macintosh and VAX programming for musical applications
  4. Academic teaching at the Academy of Applied Arts, University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

  1. Most of my compositions explore the peculiarities and thrills of conflicts between carefully prepared material and live musical processes. The piece GANGART for tape-music and drummers on horseback for example set up a formal frame for the development of musical structures. The percussion instruments were mounted on the borders of the arena and had to be passed by the horses in a way specified by the score. I generated and modified rhythmical patterns by directing the orientation and speed of the horses. The unpredictable part of the piece was the immediate response of horses and riders to stimuli generated by a computer sound system.

    Another point I am extremely interested in, is the possibility to communicate musical material via network. Some 20 projects have been carried through during the last 5 years to find out about sound exchange and live MIDI interaction amongst musicians spread across the earth. Projects GAIA (ars electronica) and GEOMETRY OF SILENCE have been carried through in cooperation with Roy Ascott, ENTRÊ / SORTIE was an exchange of sound material and compositional structures I triggered by distributing a "sound vocabulary" amongst fellow composers (documented in LEONARDO magazine). ART'S BIRTHDAY '91 and '92 were tele-birthday parties in collaboration with Bob Adrian, Hank Bull/ Western Front, Simon Waters/ UEA Norwich, museum of progress and a lot of other composers. My most recent piece in telemusic is HAUSMUSIK, a concerto for a violin robot and MIDI-grand piano, controlled by stock exchange information, which is read by a Macintosh computer, analyzed in real-time, and transformed to musical sounds.

  2. I work regularly for Austrian Broadcast/ "Kunstradio" and "Wissenschaft" departments as a radio journalist and do musical compositions for different programs.
  3. My "native" computer language is ALGOL60. I wrote applications in C, FORTRAN77 (at the VAX at EMS Stockholm), PASCAL, ALGOL, MS-QuickBASIC, Lingo (MacroMind) and TELEFUNKEN assembler. I also developed real-time software for the HP1000 controlling a digital oscillator board and for a DEC-microcomputer in the corresponding assembler languages (documented in research reports of the Royal Swedish Music Academy, Austrian Soc. for Art and Technology). I developed a compositional system, which allows to generate SD-formatted output on a Macintosh computer. The program, called MIGRATION, is a tool to enable composers to move sound objects in time and in space.
  4. I designed and tought courses in

    • "Musical Telecommunication - networks, sound exchange, on-line performance" (1989-93)
    • "Basic Braodcasting Techniques" (1990)
    • "Sampling I and II" (1991,1992)
    • "C-Programming for Musical Applications" (1991)
    • "DSP on the Macintosh/DigiDesign configuration" (1992)
    • "Multimedia Programming - Max, MacroMind Director, Hypercard, Plus, High Level Languages" (1992,1993)


born 1956

1978 Studies in Computer Science, TU Vienna

1983 Diploma with Prof. Heinz Zemanek

1982 - 85 Studies in Electronic Music, Hochschule f. Musik und Darstellende Kunst

1985 Diploma with Prof. Dieter Kaufmann, Prof. Haubenstock-Ramati

1987 - 88 Post Graduate Scolarship at Elektronmusikstudion/Stockholm
Research Project "Formal Languages and Musical Structures"

1988 Scolarship from the Royal Swedish Music Academy, Stockholm
since 1989: Lecturer at "Hochschule fuer angewandte Kunst",

Applied Arts University

Collaboration with Austrian artist Sylvia Eckermann

1992 Studio Director of FREE MEDIA MIX, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

1993 Research Project "MIGRATION - sound objects in motion"

since 1994: Lecturer at "Hochschule fuer kuenstlerische Gestaltung" in Linz


1986 GANGART, music for drummers on horseback/ Vienna, Reitinstitut

1986 ERSTE HILFE, multimedia performance/ Vienna, Museum XXth Century

1987 ERSTE HILFE, multimedia performance/ Vienna, Konzerthaus

1988 GAZ, event/Stockholm, Fylkingen

1989 FAKE SKIES, event/Stockholm, Fylkingen

1989 GAIA, interactive networking project/ Linz, ars electronica

1990 TERKEPEK, exhibition/ Budapest, Toelgyfa Galeria

1990 ROSES, sound, sight & smell installation/ Budapest, FMK Galeria

1991 ENTREE-SORTIE, radio project/ ORF Broadcast and electronic space

1991 WIEN 1991, sound & sight installation/ Vienna, City Museum

1991 SPAZIO SEI, music for dancers/ Vienna, Kuenstlerhaus

1991 GEOMETRIE DES SCHWEIGENS, telemusic/ Vienna, Museum of Modern Art Innsbruck, Landesmuseum

1991 ARTSAT, space music/ CD, ORF

1991 THE LABYRINTH, exhibition (participation)/ Pittsburgh, National Gallery at the Center for the Arts

1992 STEP BY STEP, sound installation/ Vienna, Museum of Modern Art
1992 "Dancing in the dark" (radio spots for Kunstradio, with Robert Adrian)
1992 ENTREE-SORTIE, installation/ Mexico City, Instituto des Bellas Artes

1992 WIEN 1992, sound & sight installation/ Cairo, Center of Arts

1992 BLAXPLOIT, Hypercard-performance/ Vienna, Blau-Gelbe Gallerie

1993 LINK 1, sound sculpture/ Bolzano, Museum of Modern Arts

1993 LINK 2, sound sculpture/ Vienna, Kunsthalle

1993 HAUSMUSIK, telemusic/ electronic Space

1993 TWO FEET, radio piece for tap dancer and tape/ Montreal

1994 LINK 3, interactive staircase/ ISEA Finland


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