Sally Ann McIntyre

Sally Ann McIntyre is a writer, sound practitioner and radio artist working out of Dunedin, New Zealand. She has a history in independent radio production, and since 2008 has programmed the Mini FM station Radio Cegeste 104.5 as a small-radius platform for site-responsive radio art events. Her work oscillates around themes of site-specificity, nomadism, the non-monumental memorial, the collection of sound libraries, phonography, museology, translation and transcription, memory, the haunted materiality of absent presence, old buildings and other historic sites, psychogeography, the performative fragility of small-scale transmission, bird migration and electromagnetism, the complex idea of 'dead air', the recorded and transmitted history of birdsong (sometimes also as a sonification of a New Zealand nationalism), and the possibility of an ecology of the radio that doesn't represent unstable systems as functioning in eternal homeostasis. She has initiated projects in environments from the most remote to the most populous, such as ‘soundtracks for the city’, scoring urban Melbourne on inner city street corners with a portable record player by playing stacks of discarded library music on 10” disc from the channel 10 TV archives, to a set of recordings of gallery spaces destroyed in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake played back to an artist-run gallery space in another city about to lose its lease, to a series of EVP recordings of extinct native birds held in museum collections, transmitted back into remote wilderness areas of the New Zealand bush.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:

27. 04. 2014: Radius
14. 01. 2024: Sterbende Welt redux: