Tom Marioni


Geboren am 21. Mai 1937 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Musiker, Graphiker, Designer, Kurator, Lehrer.


Born on May 21st, 1937, in Cincinnati, Ohio

1946-50 studied violin privately
1954 studied violin, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.
1955-59 studied commercial and fine art, Art Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio
1959 moved to San Francisco, California.
1959-60 worked s commercias designer, designed rug for Mayor's office.

1960-63 U.S. Army, Ulm, Germany, painted murals for library, post office, dining halls, studied German language.
1963 first one-man show, Bradley Memorial Museum of Art, Columbus, Georgia; sculpture.
1963-66 worked al freelance graphic designer
1965 worked as lay-out artist, Daily Commercial News
1965 one-man show, Beep Gallery, San Francisco, California.
1966 worked in night club, sketching nuke model.
1966-68 worked as industrial designer, architectural sculpture.
1968 one-man show, Richmind Art Center, Richmond, California; sculpture
1968-71 worked as curator of art, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, Calfornia
1969 the creation of a no-existent artist (Allan Fish) until 1971 when it was no longer politically necessary to exhibit under another name (artist X curator).

1070 The Act of Drinking Beer wich Friends is the Highest Form of Art, as Allan Fish, Oakland Art Museum, Oakland, California.
1970-the establishment of a large-scale social and public work of art, MOCA,
Museum of Conceptual Art, a tax-exempt corporation; a museum with a
membership and collexion, a museum for actuins and situational art.
1971 bacame self-employed; began lecturing on art in other insitutions of art. three-man show Fish (allan) Fox (terry) Cos (paul), DeSaisset Museum, University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California. identity transfer, Allan Fish - Tom Marioni, Berkeley Gallery. Identity permanently stored on videltape. The creation of a situation and environment while becoming increasingly mir intoxicated, Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco, California; action.
1972 Sundy Scottish Landscape, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, forst one-man show in Europe; drawins and markings as a result of actions, with sound. Sound Actions, Whitechapel Gallery, London, England. My First Car, DeSaisset Museum , Santa Clara, California; the museum purchased a car for me that i Exhibited (Fiat 500). The creation, a 7-day performance, Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco, Calif.; living in the gallery for one week experimenting with the elements as described in the Bible. Cristmas Poem, (mailed out) card announcing my appointment (untrue) as director af the San Francisco museum of Art.

1973 A Talk, Projekt, Inc., Boston, Masachusetts. established the MOCA Ensemble, a music group. concert, St. Marry's Cathedral, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland. concert, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England Sculpture in 3/4 Time, concert, Sa Francisco Museum of Art. Concert/Lecture/Demonstration,k University Art Museum, Berkeley, California.

1974 The Sun's Reception, the preparation of a cooper plate as a ritual; later printed as drypoint printat Crown Point Press. The activity was broadcast on marin (California) calbe TV. A Sculpture in 2/3 Time, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. One-Minute Demonstration, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Drum Lecture, 63 Bluxome Street, San Francisco, California.

1975 Lecture/Rexeption/Action, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Duologue, sound action with Terry Fox, CARP, LA Morning Action, Salon of the Modern Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. East-West, with Peter Stembera, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Thinking Out Loud, Galeria Foksal, Warsaw, Poland.

1976 Bird in Space, a psychc sculpture, and/or Gallery, seattle, Sashington. 1977 Yellow is the Color of the Intellect, Portland Center for the Visual Arts, Portland, Oregon. The sound of Flight, M.H. De Young Museum of Art, San Francisco Dra/wings, Paule Anglim Gallery, San Francisco

1978 See What i'm Saying, L.A.I.C.A., LA Artist in Residence, ZBS Media, New York; sound recording. Guest Composer, KPFA RAdio, Berkeley, California. Now We'll Have a Party, First International Performance Festival, Vienna, Austria

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

4. 7. 1991: "The yellow sound for Kandinsky"