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Zahra MANI
Zahra Mani (UK / PK) lives and works in Austria. She is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who creates pulsing, shifting soundscapes derived from her burgeoning archive of instrumental and found sound that she has been recording and developing for years. Her work focuses on spaces between.

Crossing boundaries, challenging aesthetic and cultural preconceptions in an ongoing flux of sound, word and motion, Zahra Mani creates shifting, pulsing, explosive, whispering, murmuring, screaming, cajoling and caressing sonic worlds.

She harvests sounds from the field and transforms fragments of natural and mechanical audio material into dynamic acoustic monuments where voices, instruments, machines, sea, wind and landscapes sound instrumental and her electric bass guitar is transformed into raindrops, engines and throbbing monsoon winds.

Zahra Mani performs live and creates installations and radio art.

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

28. September 2003: Post Paradise
5. Juni 2005: Dora_____Woman of the Ruins mit Mia Zabelka
29. April 2007: Violin Killed the Radio Star mit Mia Zabelka
3. Mai 2009 „Greither Kantate“ mit Mia Zabelka
17. April 2011: „PhonArt – the lost Languages of Europa“ vom Ring Ring Festival in Belgrad
19. Juni 2011: „places, traces oder ortlose orte, spurlose spuren“
27. November 2011: "Phonart radio network“ – live aus Belgrad, Prag, Pula und Wien"
29. 12. 2013: „INTERFERING RADAR“
01. 03. 2015: “Medusas on Air”
22. 10. 2017: „Can you hear a forest listening? For Pauline Oliveros“
03. 12. 2017: Phonophantom
30. 09. 2018: Echoes on AIR
22. 09. 2019: phonofemme 2019 - Disembodied Spaces
06. 09. 2020: News from Radio Yerevan Revisited
12. 09. 2021: RESCUE - post-industrial dynamics on site @ars electronica - on air - on line
03 10 2021: PhonoFemme 2021 dynamics on site @ars electronica - on air - on line
27 11 2022: Slow Light – Seeking Darkness
05 11 2023: PhonoFemme Wien 2023