1997, Belgrade, YU

LOW-FI VIDEO was launched in 1997 as a permanent project attempting to promote independent short films and audio-visual works based on new technologies.

Ever since it was started LFV has been contributing to the development of Yugoslav short film. By organizing regular screenings (90 in Yugoslavia and 30 abroad) and film festivals (4 competitive and 8 non-competitive), at which almost 500 Yugoslav and more than 160 foreign short films were presented, LFV has become a regular part of Belgrade cultural scene. Its programmes were shown in 15 other cities throughout Yugoslavia, as well as abroad (USA, UK, East Europe).

Facts about LOW-FI VIDEO::

- member of Microcinema (international network for alternative distribution of short and independent film), as well as of many other specialized networks and mailing lists;

- has collaborated with many other cultural institutions in Belgrade: Cinema Rex, Youth Cultural Center, Yugoslav Cinematheque, Center for Contemporary Art, Remont Gallery, Media Center, Student Cultural Center and others;

- organizer of Mikrokino FEST 2001 - first international short film festival in Yugoslavia, held in Belgrade from February 19-23, 2001;

- co-organizer of Yugoslav Festival of Cheap Film in Subotica. This festival has been included in an informal network of Central European film festivals since 2000;

- currently the only institution that systematically informs Yugoslav audience about the international short film;

- promoting independent short film at several local TV stations. Since May 2001, LOW-FI VIDEO has its own weekly TV program "LOW-FILES" on B-92 television, presenting low-fi authors and their works.


email: lowfivideo@yahoo.com

    Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

    24. 02. 2002: SOUNDCARD 5: "Low Frequency Visor" (gemischt und zusammengestellt von Milos Kukuric)