Emiliano López Rascón

Mexico DF, 1969
Radio artist and producer.  Over 30 years he has worked in a wide variety of genres and roles focused in radiodrama and radioart. Awarded three times  in the radioart category of the International Biennial of Radio of México. In other editions he held other 6 awards in radiodrama, report, and magazine categories. He obtained in 2007 the XIV prize of radiophonic works in the Contest organized by Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporanea and RNE Radio Clasica. He has created over 30 works of experimental radio pieces and different creative concepts like the GCR (Record-Share-Remix) model for collective works: Balon-Babel in 2006, Voces Sentidos y Acentos in 2011 and Resonoser in 2012. Chamaleonic Fiction called by him “Dobles Tramatizados” was other creative pattern developed in radio broadcastings like The Obelisc Fraternity, The 3rd War of the Worlds or his per-version of Clases de Música en la Granja, originally created by Llorenc Balsach. Radioart series like Oidos Vs. la Pared, Medio Infinito, and Bastidor Acústico were created and curated by him for National University of Mexico Radio station, Radio UNAM.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

04. 08. 2013: RESONOCER 3.0