Tetsuo Kogawa

Tetsuo Kogawa

Tetsuo Kogawa's interests range over a variety of disciplines and critical approaches. After studying philosophy at Sophia and Waseda universities, he taught at Wako University for 17 years. He is currently Professor of Communication Studies at Tokyo Keizai University's Department of Communications.

Kogawa introduced free radio to Japan, and is widely known for his blend of criticism, performance and activism. He has written over 30 books on media culture, film, the city and urban space, and micro politics. Most recently he has combined the experimental and pirate aesthetics of the Mini-FM movement with internet streamed media.

Polymorphous Space: anarchy.translocal.jp

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

7. 4. 2002: "Natural Radia"
25. 2. 2007: 100 Jahre Radio - Die Wiederkehr der drahtlosen Fantasie # 4
7. 10. 2007: musikprotokoll 2007 – Tetsuo Kogawa live aus Graz
17. 02. 2008: Art’s Birthday 2008 – Geschenke und Ständchen

Teilnahme an ORF-Kunstradio Veranstaltungen

19. 9. 1999: "MERZmuseum - Schwittradio"
17. 1. 2007: 100 Jahre Radio

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