Petra Kapš (aka OR poiesis)

*1975, Slovenia) is an artist, writer, curator, working as freelance author. In the field of sound, radio, book art and performative practices she works under the name of OR poiesis.

She waves her work in between sound art, radio, poetry sonor, books, performance. Word, her core medium, she extends with sonic spheres of chrono-spatial poetry. She develops specific artistic practice poetry sonor, practicing live oration, performative field recording, poetic performance, acoustic and ambience explorations, radio, she is interested in aural memory and deep time of the body. Incorporating syntemporal presence through digital spheres she researches possibilities of intimate radio and is concerned with void ear of internet listener. Her sound/radio/book works are located solitudes.

Latest works:
Transluce, moonlight into porcelain cup, sound piece, 23'59'', radio Cona Ljubljana // Sladkost jutra, visual poetry, Dobra vaga Ljubljana, Art Gallery Maribor // Ohr in den Gärten der Stille, Seitengassen ... Maribor / Uho v vrtovih tišin, stranske ulice … Maribor / Ear in the garden of silence, side streets, book on paper, chrono-space sound book, sound performance, Salon für Kunstbuch 21er Haus Vienna, Centralna Postaja Maribor, Pritljičje, Radio Cona Ljubljana, radio aporee platform, Aural memory, time vortex_flux, sound/radio live performance, sound composition, 41'08'', Centralna Postaja Maribor, Art Gallery Maribor, radioCona Ljubljana, Wave Farm Radio New York // Berliner Luft, Sonopoetic paths Berlin, sound/radio live performance, radio aporee Berlin // Walking Plänterwald, Sonopoetic paths Berlin, September 6th 2015, afternoon, 55'01'', sound composition, Framework Radio, EE // Silence, searched near the rivers, sound installation, Muzej norosti, Trate, SI // Homage to John Cage, reading ”Lecture on Nothing” at Ryoan-ji, Kyoto, reading performance, Kyoto, JP // Japanese Gardens and Crossings; Paths and Their Sonic Realities, Tokyo, Kyoto, JP.

Kunstradio Sendungen:

26. 03. 2017: „Walking Piece … Golden Walls“