Martin Janíček 

sound - artist, sculptor, musician and sound designer works in the field of exploration of accoustic qualities of various materials - new music instrument-builder. Most of his works feature interactive quality in connection with visually minimal approach. Conceptually bounded with site-specific character of working.

Born in 1961, originally trained at bronze foundry, studied Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 1990-97,  later he worked as assistant of  Professor Milos Šejn at Conceptual dept for 6 years. He has been exhibited at national and international galleries and festivals such as the Hermit symposia in Plasy monastery, Orbis Fictus – Prague, Dawn of the Magicians - National Gallery, Prague, Fylkingen music centre, Sveden,  RPI-Troy New York, USA, etc.
Performances at XI festival, New York, Recontres International – Podevil, Berlin, Compositions  for radio e.g. for Czech Radio 3, Concerts with, F.Hautzinger, M.Liou, M.Makela, Zahra Mani, Phill Niblock ,Byron Westbrook, Mia Zabelka, etc
His works are collected by National Gallery Prague, CR, Regional gallery, Policka, CR and the Jon Rose violin collection- Violin, Slovakia.

 Contributions to publications:
 „Katalog“  1996
„ Embodiment “ – One Night Band, Mia Zabelka 2007 Extraplatte
"Mayrau" with Bethany Lacktorin 2009
„Shadow, my Light“ with Bethany Lacktorin 2010
 „Orbis Pictus aneb, …“ - Documentation of interactive exhibitions 2000 – 2008, including CD and DVD - Waldpress 2008, CR

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

29. 03. 2009: SSHHhh. Ichnogramm heisst Fussabdruck. Ein Soundwalk fürs Radio
03. 05. 2009: Greither Kantate
17. 07. 2011: „Distant dialogues“/„Parallel and distributed conversations“ together with  Guy van Belle
27. 11. 2011: "Phonart radio network“ – live aus Belgrad, Prag, Pula und Wien"

Kunstradio projects

Art’s Birthday 2005