Cat Hope

Dr. Cat Hope is a multidisciplinary artist based in Perth, Western Australia whose work is grounded in sound. Trained as a classical flautist she later moved to bass playing, noise, improvisation, rock as well as making video art and installation. She is a passionate performer and researcher with an active international publication and touring schedule, as a soloist, academic and in her groups Abe Sada, Decibel and sound art/installation collective Metaphonica. Her interests include low frequency sound, film music, WA new music archiving and the relationship between acoustic and electronic instruments.

Her music has been performed at festivals around the world, and she herself as performer and composer has been featured at MONA FOMA as artist in residence 2010, the International Symposium of Electronic Art (Japan 2003 and Tallinn 2005), Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Arts (NSW, VIC), Electrofringe (NSW), LEM (Bacellona), MEM (Bilbao), Transmediale (Berlin), the Totally Huge New Music Festival (Perth) and on many tours. She is renowned for her solo bass performances and innovate scoring techniques. She has collaborated on a variety of installation project with visual artist Kate MacMillan.

Cat has written a number of commissioned compositions for groups such as Golden Fur (VIC), Attica Quartet (VIC), MONA (Tas), Austin Buckett (NSW) and her own group, which she directs and performs in, Decibel. She has also released three albums in her group Gata Negra (1998-2007), but also with her other groups Decibel, Abe Sada and Lux Mammoth, as well as featuring on albums by Mice Vice, Hugo Race and the True Spirit, Quartered Shadows and a number of solo albums and compilations, including the infamous Extreme Music From Women album on UK label Susan Lawly. She also writes music for dance, film and theatre.

Cat was a finalist in the WA Citizen of the Year Awards 2011 in the Arts and Entertainment category, and won the APRA/AMC Inaugural Award for Excellence in Experimental Music for her programs for Decibel that same year, and was a finalist again in 2012. She was awarded the state prize for new music, and was nominated for her contribution to music Education in Western Australia in 2011. Cat is a passionate supporter of WA music and growing a culture of new music in Perth, and is a finalist in the upcoming International SpaceTime Concerto Competition. Her work ‘In the Cut’ (2009) has been selected to represent Australia in the 2013 International Society for Contemporary Music.

She has edited and written chapters for books and completed a PhD in Art in 2010, focusing on low frequency sound. She is currently working on a book on Digital Art for Berg. She began work as a lecturer in music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University in 2004 where she designed and established the composition and music technology courses.

Cat’s music fuses contemporary classical, noise and indie pop influences with a touch of the theatrical. Her graphic scores have been exhibited in art galleries nationally as have her installations.


Broadcasts on ORF KUNSTRADIO:

10. 02. 2013: The Transmuted Signal - curated by Colin Black - A Frequency Oz series produced by Yanna Black