(Michel Henritzi with friends)

Michel Henritzi

Michel Henritzi was born in Metz, France (1959), where he lives and works. He was involved in different industrial and rock bands in the late 70s, before joining the collective Nox. In 1984 he created a cassette label AKT. He also collaborated with American writer Kathy Acker in 1986 on a lecture recording : Acte 3 – Love, Emily. He has written extensively for different independent fanzines (New Wave, Hello Happy Taxpayer), and continues to write for Revue & Corrigée, the dictionary of independant japanese music, and the web-zine, Opprobrium. Since 1988 he has been working with the band, Dustbreeders, complimenting his written work with musical action. He has mounted numerous productions of different anti-records, an exhibition of vacuum-cleaner bag like a recording, and the covers of La Monte Young & Christian Marclay; he has exhibited and presented performances in art centers and music festivals in France, Germany and Japan. He currently runs the label, A Bruit Secret.