Ken Gregory

Ken Gregory is a Canadian audio artist who is interested in the inside/out of sound in all its various forms. Gregory creates works with sound like visual artists use paint, photography, and video, often using the tools of the common sound recording studio to create imaginative and expressive soundscapes, radio transmissions and audio recordings. Any sound is part of Gregorys pallet and using cut and paste techniques, random juxtapositions, and careful manipulations he crafts unique and provocative art works.
These sound works are presented in the form of gallery installations, live performances, live radio broadcasts, custom computer software and audio compact discs.

Kunstradio Sendungen:

17. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
24. 03. 2002: "intermedium 2"
31. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
21. 07. 2002: "Digital Modification for the Creation of New Hybrid Soundscapes"
04. 02. 2007: 100 Jahre Radio - Die Wiederkehr der drahtlosen Fantasie # 5

Kunstradio Projekte:

2002: ".. devolve into II .."