Bob George

Bob George is the co-founder and director of the ARChive of Contemporary Music.

ARChive of Contemporary Music is a not-for-profit archive, music library and research center located in New York City. The ARChive collects preserves and provides information on the popular music of all cultures and races throughout the world from 1950 to the present. Since it's founding in 1985 holdings have grown to over 1,000,000 sound recordings and over 2 million photographs and press kits, making the ARChive the largest popular music collection in the United States.

Born (1949) and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Mr George attended the University of Michigan (no degree) majoring in Fine Art, with one year abroad in India (1970). He came to New York City in 1974 as a visual arts student at the Whitney Museum of American Art's Studio Program.

1975 : Instructor, "art," High School program, Whitney Museum Independent Study Program.

1975 : Co-director, film, Dear Reader, with Laurie Anderson.

1975 to 1979 : Co-director, stage show for performance artist Laurie Anderson.

1977 : Artist, sound recording, Duet. Unique disc composed of two halves of 12" commercial sound recordings cemented together.

1977 : Artist, various works. "Drawing Machine," room size floor drawing, PS-1, New York.

1977 :Founder, One Ten Records, record label. Released the first commercial compilation of audio work by visual artists-a two LP set entitled, Airwaves. Airwaves included the initial recordings of Laurie Anderson and unreleased work by Meridith Monk.

1978 : Artist, sound recording, Punkappella (One Ten Records, 7" flexi-disc, 33 rpm, mono, no number, with picture sleeve). Disc is clear with ring of staples embedded in surface.

1978 : Artist, various works. "Artworks and Bookworks, traveling exhibit, Franklin Furnace, NY and Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Music, CA; Zona Sound Art Show, Florence, Italy.

1979 : Artist, various works. Dixie Postal art Show; traveling show Mail Etc, U. of Colorado, traveling show; Danny Keller Gallery, Munich, Germany, traveling show; Krinzinger Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria, group show; MAG Gallery, Vienna, Austria, lecture and group show; "Scores by Artists," PS-1, sound show.

1980 : Recipient, National Endowment For the Arts, grant to produce recordings by visual artists.

1980 : Artist, curator, "Audio Works By Artists," Artists Space, New York; "Audio Cassettes by Artists," Franklin Furnace, New York.

1981 : Released Laurie Anderson's first single, "O'Superman," on One Ten Records. This single was released internationally by WEA and went to number two on the U.K. charts and reached the top 20 in 16 countries.

1981 : Editor, publisher, Volume, the International Discography of the New Wave, the first comprehensive discographical reference work on Punk and New Wave music.

1981, 1983 : Consultant. "Section Son," Paris Bienalle.

1982 : Artist, Audio work, "Section Son," Paris Bienalle.

1982 : Editor, co-published, Volume 2, a 700+ page addendum, published by One Ten Records, US and Omnibus Press, UK. Volume has been cited as a definitive reference work in The Readers Catalog, England Dreaming and many other publications.

1982 - 1985 : Producer, survey of new American pop and experimental music for the BBC, broadcast as part of "The John Peel Show" in the United Kingdom. Presented live radio shows and DJ'd throughout Europe and in NYC.

1983 - 1985 : Archivist, sound recordings and musician interviews, Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

1984 : Contributor, consultant, book, Goodtime Kings by Billy Bergman (Planet Rock/Quarto Books, 1985), the first American book on contemporary African Pop.

1984 : Selection committee, New Music America, Hartford, CN.

1984 : Artist, audio work, Voices-Notes-Noise, (Recommended Records, Germany, LP).

1984 - 1985 : Co-founder, producer, BlackMarket Records, NYC, a modern African pop and dance music label with six releases, including Orchestra Jazira (Ghana/UK) and Sonny Okuson (Nigeria).

1985 : Co-founder the ARChive of Contemporary Music in New York City.

1992 : Production, Mas, A Caribbean Christmas Party, (RykoDisc, US, RCD 10150, CD). Compilation of Holiday music from Caribbean countries.

1993 - 1999 : Selection committee, Blue Ribbon Awards for ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections) choosing the best music books published annually.

1994 - 1997 : Consultant, "Dance on the Waterfront," a free outdoor summer series for the Arts & Events program at New York City's World Financial Center.

1985 - present : Consultant, music for films, including Martin Scorsese's Last Temptation of Christ, Tom Hank's That Thing You Do, and Jonathan Demme's, Beloved. (1998).

1985 - present : Journalist, various music publications, including Playboy, Creem (bi-monthly, 1991), Saveur and Billboard. Music editor for Colors, Benetton Magazine (1992).

1999, 2000 : Member of the Yahoo Academy, a selection committee for the Internet Life Awards, recognizing outstanding music websites.

2000 : Author, The ARChive Encyclopedia of World Music, an extensive survey of popular music from non-Western urban cultures to be published by Pantheon / Random House.

Selected Works

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1979: Audioscene
2000: RE-PLAY - Anfänge der internationalen Medienkunst in Österreich: Audio/Radio