Andrew Garton
Andrew is a producer, composer, song-writer and media artist with an MA in Interactive Media Arts. Considered a pioneer in the use of pre-internet, early web and streaming technologies his multidisciplinary practice combines video, projections, installations, sound, online media and site specific cross-cultural collaborations. His works have been performed, exhibited and screened in Europe, Southeast Asia and across Australia focusing increasingly on the intangible cultural heritage of first peoples.

Andrew Garton was born in Guildford, Sydney, Australia, in 1962. He began producing and performing music in the late 70s as synthesist, saxophonist and spoken word performer. Bands of note that Andrew performed with include the punk/soul group Private Lives (1979 - 1983) and fusion/impro outfit Lingo Babel (1985-1987). In the late 80s he formed the acoustic based White Punks on Hope and the jazz-punk trio, Return from Nowhere.

Andrew has composed numerous film soundtracks, conceived and produced interactive installations, both on and offline; published articles on independent media, generative music and radio art; and worked with pioneer community internet provider, Pegasus Networks. He is a co-founder, in 1995, of the innovative artist run media arts group Toy Satellite who have had major works commissioned for various galleries and arts centres in Australia.

He produced perhaps the first generative sound piece for Australian radio and internet in 1997, a collaboration with Stelarc, for The Listening Room and co-produced a series of live audio-video collaborations commencing in Melbourne in 1998 and culminating in a series of works for the the opening of the Taipei International Arts Festival in 2001. From 1997 - 1999 he co-founded, wrote, produced and performed with the Austrian based Electro-Pathological Consort and in 2005 Garton curated the innovative generative sound series, Frequency Post, for the Vienna based radio producer, ORF/KunstRadio.

Andrew has been collaborating with and contributing to KunstRadio projects since 1996 including appearances with the International Theremin Orchestra and commissions for Sound Drifting and various publications.

Throughout the early 2000s Andrew produced and performed a series of esoteric electronic projects including Lost Time Accident, Son of Science and Headlock releasing these projects under his own label, Secession Records. In 2007 Andrew left his electronic works behind and took to the road with a back-pack, a laptop, a camera and guitar. He returned to Australian in late 2009 to undertake a two year artists residency in regional Victoria where he produced the spoken word structured improvisation Tong Tana and a short format documentary series Sarawak Gone.

Andrew now resides in regional Victoria where he continues to write and produce documentaries and collaborative projection and lighting projects. He performs a more intimate form of music making with his multicultural ensemble The Smitten Bridge.

ORF Kunstradio Sendungen/Broadcasts:

09. 04. 1998: Touchless II
19. 03. 2000: GATEways
17. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
24. 03. 2002: intermedium 2
31. 03. 2002: "devolve into II"
23. 10. 2005: The Spectrum Wars
12. 02. 2006: SOUND PRESENCE with Warren Burt
06. 05. 2012: Kunstradio Classics 2 – Aus dem Archiv 2012 - Teil 9 „Sensorium re-connected“
31. 08. 2014: “TONG TANA”

ORF - Kunstradio Projekte:

1997: "Recycling the Future"
1998: "Touchless"
1999: "Sound Drifting"
1999: "MerzMuseum/Schwittradio"
2002: ".. devolve into II .."
2005: "Frequency Post - Curated By: Andrew Garton"
2009: Art's Birthday

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