Julius Fujak

Musical improviser, composer, aesthetician, and organizer of intermedia musical projects
From 1988 to 1998 Fujak was a member of the Slovak alternative rock bands Teória Odrazu and Otras. After completing his study of aesthetics and musical science at the Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava (1990), he worked as a teacher of music in Slovakia’s Kysuce region, where became the co-founder and artistic director of the Kysuce Chamber Orchestra, Musica Kysuca (1995/96). Since the mid-1990s, Fujak has participated in numerous transmedia projects organized by Brno’s Skleněná louka (Glass Meadow) contemporary music association, in particular with Zdeněk Plachý (Těžké doby bez taktu / Difficult Times without Rhythm, 1997), the Dutch band Palinckx (In Residence, 2000), and the alternative rock trio Zloději uší (The Ear Thieves, 1999-2001).

From 1999 to 2007, Fujak was the artistic director and organizer of the Hermovo ucho v Nitre (Hermes’ Ear in Nitra) international concert series of contemporary unconventional music, which he later followed up with the PostmutArt intermedia art series (since 2008). In 2000, he founded the on-again off-again experimental music ensemble tEóRia OtraSu, which among others has collaborated with Marián Varga (SK), Jana Lewitová and Vladimír Merta (CZ), and hans w. koch (D).

Other artists with whom Fujak has collaborated include: The California EAR Unit (USA), Zsolt Söres (H), Franz Hautzinger (A), Jon Rose (AUS), Veryan Weston (UK), Ludivine Allegue (F), Eufrasi Prates (BRA), David Šubík, Jan Kavan, Mikoláš Chadima (all from CZ), and Martin Burlas, Milan Adamčiak, Peter Machajdík, Heyermear, Michal Murin, Ján Boleslav Kladivo, Michal Kaščák, Peter Vars, Peter Macsovszky, Jozsef R. Juhász, and Jozef Lupták (all from SK).

Cities and festivals where Fujak has performed include: Red Cat Theatre (Los Angeles), Audio Art (Krakow), Sound Bridges (Vienna), Big Ear and (Cross)Hearing (Budapest), Kis Magyar Performance fesztivál (Szentendre), Alternativa (Prague), the Slovak Institute (Rome), Exposition of New Music (Brno), Movement-Sound-Space (Opava), JAMU and Glass Meadow (Brno), Summer Film School (Uherské Hradiště), Sound Off and TransArt Communication (Nové Zámky), Stanica Záriečie and Fatra House of Culture (Žilina), and Evenings of New Music (Bratislava).
Since 1996, Fujak has also worked as a musical semiotician at the Institute for Literary and Artistic Communication attached to the Department of Culturology at the Faculty of Arts of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. In 2007, he helped to plan and organize the international scientific symposium Convergences and Divergences of Existential Semiotics. Fujak is an active member of and lecturer at international semiotic congresses held throughout Europe.

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