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Daniela Maria Geraci, Lucy Rose Cunningham and Isabelle Pead, met whilst studying Fine Art at the University of Leeds. 

Individually, their different practices span various uses of sounds and words. From exploring performance and participation, to interrogating cultural identities and reframing modes of storytelling, spanning multiple geographies and histories.

As a collective, they explore those approaches to sound and listening as tools for collectivism, activism, meditation, archiving knowledge, and attention giving. Through their projects and research, the collective works with various sound-workers to gain insight into their practices, while also urging critical conversations around the lack of diversity and accessibility in the field. 

The trio curate and perform mostly throughout the UK and Germany. They were selected as SHAPE artists, 2021, have exhibited in STIFF International Festival in Rijeka, Croatia, featured on NTS, Netil Radio, Balamii and Soho Radio, and are residents of NARR radio (Leeds) and Resonance Extra (London).

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

  • 10 10 2021: Serviettenfalte

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