Ian Fleming

Ian is an Irish-born composer of electronic music. After a decade spent playing lead guitar and writing songs in a variety of rock bands with different degrees of success, he decided to pursue a deep-rooted interest in the electronic arts, culminating in returning to college in 2012 to complete a Masters degree in Music Technology with first-class honours awarded.

Ian produces a variety of styles ranging from electroacoustic pieces, ambient electronica and glitch. In March 2013, he had a tape piece premiered in the National Concert Hall, Dublin, as part of the Contemporary Music Centre's New Music Week. Since then, he has made his debut as a live performer, opening the inaugural Sonic Arts Waterford festival under his ambient production pseudonym Lunacybot, and has continued to make music in a variety of styles, honing his production skills and occasionally releasing some free material for public consumption. He is regularly featured on Lyric FM's award-winning show Nova, Ireland's national programme for contemporary music.

Ian's debut album will be released late 2014 on experimental record label Ressonus (http://www.ressonus.net/). He was recently commissioned to create an audio-visual project in collaboration with another prominent Irish artist (Ikeaboy) which will be performed at the Spaziomusica Festival in Cagliari, Sardinia in October 2014. (http://www.spaziomusica.it/). He is due to have a paper published in Leonardo Music Journal's upcoming issue LMJ24 entitled
'Introducing Postdigital Spectralism'. This details a work created in collaboration with prominent science fiction author Harlan Ellison, which combines the two aforementioned schools of composition into a unique hybrid aesthetic.

His work 'Bebe au Pot' was selected for presentation at the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association's 2014 convocation at NUI Maynooth. He was also selected by Canadian-based association 'New Adventures in Sound Art' to participate in a collaborative workshop with composer Darren Copeland to create a large scale 32-channel piece which will be performed at a concert in Toronto.

He feels odd talking about himself in the third person, but was once advised never to use 'I' in these cases.

http://composerscircle.com/ian-fleming/ (http://lunacybot.bandcamp.com/) lunacybot@googlemail.com

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