Bernhard Fleischmann

lives in Vienna as a freelance musician
Starts to play live with various bands in 1991; played the drums for the bands "speed is essential" and "sore!" in many concerts throughout Austria. In 1998 the CD "my idea of fun" with "speed is essential" is published.

Starts working on electronic music in 1998; installation of a small studio, first electronic pieces. First live concert at picknick@rhiz on January 17, 1999, based on his collaboration with Christof Kurzmann.

In April 1999 presentation of the CD "pop loops for breakfast", released as cha/001 on "charhizma", the label of Christof Kurzmann. A few weeks later released on vinyl by the new label "morr music" of Thomas Morr (Berlin), followed by first concerts in Austria and Germany, i.e. phonoTAKTIK 99 in Vienna; German tour together with Lali Puna. First collaboration with Paul Divjak; production of the videos "breakfast at rhiz" and "le matin" (both distributed by Sixpack). In November the EP "sidonie" is released on morr music and charhizma.

In spring 2000 on tour in Italy with the German band "Iso 68". Further releases on various compilations; in summer 2000 the CD/LP "a choir of empty beds" is released on the US label "fuzzy box". First contacts to New York, with two concerts in November 2000 (other music/knitting factory). Co-operation with Paul Divjak, resulting in the video "it's all so". Fritz Ostermayer establishes contact with Villa Log; the first joint gig, with Fleischmann on drums, takes place at Schlachthof Wels on December 23, 2000, followed by more concerts in 2001.

In addition to further releases first work on film projects: "richtung zukunft durch die nacht" by Jörg Kalt; "in the beginning was the Eye" by Bady Minck.
Herbert Weixelbaum and Bernhard Fleischmann get together to form "duo 505", based on a concept by Wolfgang Kopper created on the occasion of the fourth "Gürtel Nightwalk", which includes a gig by Villa Log. Even though "duo 505" is intended as a one-off co-operation, further works and concerts follow. Further works produced in collaboration with Paul Divjak are presented at the Essl exhibition "hiding in the light" in October 2001.

2002 Bernhard Fleischmann is awarded the first SKE grant.

2003 “Welcome tourist", the first double album by b.fleischmann released by morr music and charhizma.

While recording the CD the collaboration with Christof Kurzmann, Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl and Werner Dafeldecker originates. The jointly recorded 45 minute track "take your time" is first performed as a quintet on the occasion of the CD presentation. Bady Minck's film "In the Beginning was the Eye" (music: B. Fleischmann, Dr. Nachtstrom, Sainkho Namtchylak) has its world premiere at the International Film Festival in Cannes.

A two week tour through Germany, Italy and Switzerland with Contriva takes place in spring 04 "Tour 7" is released. In August morr music releases "late", the first album by DUO 505 featuring seven compositions.

Together with “speed is essential” band member Werner Jordan the new band “your gorgeous self” is founded. First concerts in Vienna.

Releases since 2006:

„paul divjak - rauschgold - feat. b.fleischmann” (konkord 011, 2006),

“the year of - slow days” (morr music, 2006)

„the humbucking coil“ (morr music/charhizma, 2006)

„Villalog feat. b.fleischmann on drums“ (angelika köhlermann, 2007)

„melancholie/sendestraße“ (sound of a handshake/morr music, 2007)

“duo505 - another illusion“ (konkord025, 2008)

„angst is not a weltanschauung“ (morr music, 2008)

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
29. 06. 2003: SENDEN: Sendestraße
18. 01. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 – Livemix
12. 04. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 Review – Teil 4