Entoptic is a contemporary music duo, involving two independent artists – Luke Bozzetto and Daniel Portelli- from Sydney, Australia. Together they have been developing and refining idiosyncratic approaches to improvisatory styles which then become implemented into a compositional process for recorded media.

The music is based on visual phenomena, whether it’s music that evokes visual experiences or music being conceptually driven by a visual idea (such as: ‘entoptic phenomena’ relating to disruptions to the eye canal and it’s influence on art over 1000s of years – throughout cultures. Unifying ideas found in the ancient and the contemporary).

Daniel Portelli is a composer with interests across the visual arts with a focus on an East Asian and European art music confluence. He has completed an MA (hons) in composition at the University of Western Sydney where he created a series of audio-visual works. One chamber orchestral work received an APRA Composition Prize in 2011 and another orchestral score was performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in 2012.

Luke Bozzetto is a Sydney based music composer, performer and field recordist. Luke completed his Bachelor of Music with Honours at the University of Western Sydney in 2009.
His work ‘Built From Galleries’, which was realised during a residency with UK sound artist Cathy Lane, was housed for two months in the Campbelltown Arts Centre as part of the exhibition ‘What I Think about When I Think about Dancing’. Luke’s composition for guitar and percussion, ‘Between Sea and Station’ (2009), was premiered at ‘Creative Explosion’ in Sydney by Ensemble Offspring. He was also elected to perform his field recorded works at the China Scholarship Council MOU Signing Ceremony with saxophonist Brendan Smyly. Currently, Luke is involved in composing and performing in many projects that cross an array of different styles and genres. He is also working on a solo record compiled of manipulated field recordings.

Broadcasts on ORF KUNSTRADIO:

10. 02. 2013: The Transmuted Signal - curated by Colin Black - A Frequency Oz series produced by Yanna Black