Jan Dufek


Born in 1979.
Graduated from College of Film Arts in Písek (his major was direction/screenplay-writing). Since then he has been making sounds and images (static and moving) in various live, recorded, broadcasted and installed forms ["Improwizac", "e.o", "skupina (C)" "Meanders and Sediments", "AmbutPonori", etc...]. In the beginning of the 21st century he joined the team of Radio Jeleni, that later became Lemurie T.A.Z. In order to eat and pay the rent he is also involved in some commercial/advertising projects.

Kunstradio projects:

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
07. 05. 2006: Meanders and Sediments
16. 12. 2007: „3 JOURNEYS THROUGH RADIA“ - Journey I