Born 1963 in St.Petersburg, Russia. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Dmitry Shubin is a well-known Petersburg artist working in a variety of media: from photography to computer graphics and from installation to video and sound mixes. Shubin uses in his soundworks all kind of everyday sounds: voices, street noises, machine sounds, fragments of TV or radio broadcasts (news), rhythm and music patterns.

Kunstradio Broadcasts:

  • 05. 10. 2003: Sans Frontierés von Robert Adrian X und Martin Leitner, mit Eva Wohlgemuth, Dmitry Shubin, Anna Jermolaewa, Alexander Felch and Gertrude Moser-Wagner LIVE aus St.Petersburg und Wien
  • 03. 04. 2005: REINVENTING RADIO II: Radio Classics