Jim resonates vocal/breath gestures through wind instruments, exploring fissures between musical systems and noise. In 1997 he released a solo CD of his work with the Random Module Twins, Sonic Hieroglyphs. Warren Burt writes in Experimental Musical Instruments about this work, "a poetic vision of landscape that both refers to the ongoing engagement with landscape that has been a constant feature of Australian art for about 20,000 years". Jim feels there is no need for distinctions to be made between his roles as improviser, composer, instrumentalist and technition.

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

14. 9. 1989: Der Australienschwerpunkt im Rahmen der lange Radiokunstnach bei der ARS electronica 89
28. 9. 1989: "Sydney-Linz", gemeinsam mit Rick Rue
23. 3. 1995: "Silence is therefore the only possible means of communication - Karl Marx 1843",
                    in Zusammenarbeit mit "Machine for Making Sense"
5. 11. 2000: AUSTRALIAN RADIO AND SOUNDART: "Motet", in Zusammenarbeit mit "Machine for Making Sense"
16. 10. 2005: The Non-local Universe together with Ross Bolleter
13. 11. 2005: A walk in the palm forest with my sax
22. 09. 2013: “Last day at Turkey Creek”