Tom Demeyer

Born in Amsterdam, 1958, Tom Demeyer, after attempted careers as a social scientist and as a mathematician, finds himself involved with STEIM Studios in Amsterdam in 1987.

Having been fascinated with using computers to manipulate the physical world ever since programming his first lines of computer code on an Apple II in 1980, STEIM turns out to be an ideal place to exploit his interests in interfacing people with computers and in creating and meeting technical challenges of various natures.
The most visible of his contributions to the world of performing electronic arts are the Sensorlab, BigEye and Image/ine. With the advent of Image/ine the happy life without on-stage responsibility seems to have come to an end, as he has been seen performing and improvising with the program on various occasions.


07.12. 1999: "The Relative Violin - Wien/Vancouver"