Dimitri Coppe


Dimitri Coppe is a composer and performer of electronic music.
Within composition and improvisation, he explores sound as a form set in motion by forces. Sound's energy and space's movements are linked together. Gestures are deployed through the entire space of a concert hall. The listener is at the heart of sound’s phenomenon.
To do so, he has developed his own instrument: a unique home made sound system. That’s why there are no records but only concerts.
He regularly performs and has conducted workshops with ACSR (Brussels), Archipel (Geneva), Bains::Connective (Brussels), Brigittines (Brussels), Elefanten-mixtur (Geneva), Elektra (Quebec), Entrepôt des tabacs (Dunkerke), KuKuK (Aachen), Magison (Paris), Maison de Radio-France (Paris) and National Taiwan Museum, to name just a few.
He develops collaborations for radio (ACSR), cinema (H. Cleven), dance (W. Vandekeybus), contemporary music (Archipel), acousmatic music (Magison, AMEG), digital arts (Elefanten-mixtur), theater (Galafronie) and others.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
02.03.2008: e-scape 1: Performances at the Radiophonic Festival 2007
14.02.2016: Et tout se tut - Und alles schwieg