Ilinka Colic Jovanovic

Ilinka Colic Jovanovic, hystorian of art and writer, born in Belgrade. Organized and participated many project in radio media field. Co-founder of the Adriatic Sound Factory together with Arsenije Jovanovic. Her radio piece, "North Wind, South Wind", is on the repertory of Radio-Belgrade. "Dogs' Piece" will be played in Germany 1999.


"La Parata" was originally conceived as an acoustic and psycho-acoustic composition based on the chosen phrases and words frequently exploited by European politicians and ideologists of the 20th century. Authors' selection of these phrases and words has no specific political meaning. On the contrary, in the most of the cases the choice was determined mainly from the pure acoustic and rhythmical point of view. In fact, escapement from any direct political meaning was one of the main authors' aims generally - to destroy, as much as it would be possible, the very semantic nucleus of the words, to put inside of the nutshells of the words and phrases some new and mostly ASEMANTIC components. In fact, the idea was to handle cautiously with principles of the AutarchicCommonwealth of Music, using the voices of the politicians like the instruments.

But the form - and whatever contents and components are inside of the form - are doomed to stay in the unbreakable unity, even when the authors were trying hard to brake the tough family link between these armor of the words and their durable contents. The most absurd attempts - surrealistic construction and mixes of the most different and matchless contents of the little pieces of the words - maintained quite unyieldingly that relations between the broken nutshells and what used to be inside of it. "La Parata" turned into a kind of the psycho-acoustic fiction. In these cracked and smashed fragments there were no clearly articulated "stories" any more but instead came out something what obviously could not be destroyed.

The compressed portions of the psycho-power, being inside of the poor remains of the broken phrases and words, carried by means of so many acoustic tools - are skipping away from Pandora's box against all obstacles, leaking and flooding all the way through the dramaturgy of the piece.

So all the character were back again. They do not speak the same speeches, they are not in their epochs any more but they were marching and playing vigorously their new-sprung acoustic and re-articulated parts, like instruments and vocals in the restored operetic dance macabre happening now and ever. (A.J.)

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

14. 5. 1998: "La Parata"