Iain Chambers

Foto: Dimitri Djuric


is a composer and producer whose music often deploys field recordings and location sounds as musical material.

Iain's work is heard live in concerts, radio, sound installations and multimedia. His feature-length symphonies of industrial sounds have been commissioned by BBC Radio 3, WDR Cologne and ABC Australia.

In 2019 Iain launched the independent record label Persistence of Sound, presenting new musique concrète and field recordings.

Iain is a founder member of Langham Research Centre, an electronic music ensemble using obsolete Cold War era technology to create new music. The group also create new realisations of 20th century electronic works by composers John Cage, Alvin Lucier and Christian Wolff using an unusual instrumentarium: analogue tape, sine-wave oscillators, analogue radios and phonograph cartridges. LRC perform internationally, and released “Tape Works (Vol. 1)” on the Nonclassical label in 2017.

In 2015 Iain staged the first ever concerts in Tower Bridge's Bascule Chambers, turning Tower Bridge into a huge musical instrument, using location recordings alongside the brass of Docklands Sinfonia. Iain continues to stage the Bascule Chamber Concerts as an annual series, working with Totally Thames Festival and Tower Bridge.

Kunstradio broadcasts:

31. 07. 2016: “The Eccentric Press”
05. 08. 2018: “The House of Sound”
18. 07. 2021: “Palma Ars Acustica: Ivry-sur-Seine”