Florence Cats

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  • is a visual & sound artist and acupuncturist from Brussels who uses theremin, light, water, color and energies. Her 'transparent music' tunes in to space and ambient silence, and is inspired by natural radio. She has curated of a series of exhibitions around water, signs, transmutations, and is the co-author of several books including 'Lavori in corso' (primitive press, 2020). She released 'Ys' on ediçoes CN in 2022 and 'correspondances' on frissons in 2021. She was also a member of The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble (corvo records, 2022) and often collaborates with other musicians and artists, such as Brandon LaBelle, Clara Levy, Bogdana Dima, Mauricio Amarante, Joseph Charroy.

    Sendungen im Kunstradio:

  • 20 08 2023: Radiophrenia 2023: “Like a telepath”

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