Cecilia Castro

Cecilia Castro (born in Córdoba in 1980, she lives and works in Buenos Aires, ARG) Cecilia Castro is a composer and sound artist based in Buenos Aires. She received her bachelor degree in Electroacoustic Media and Composition from the National University of Quilmes. She has won awards for her work from the National Art Fund, the Telefónica Foundation, and the Modern Art Museum in Buenos Aires.
The sound she creates in her pieces is the result of the convergence between minimalist instrumental music, dark electronica, and noise. In her recent works, she has broadened her artistic curiosity and social conscience, exploring concepts like frontiers & territories, sonic ruins, and visual & sonic culture, to create sound and art installations that combine video, stage art and sonic activism. She is a professor at the Tres de Febrero National University in the Electronics Art department and at the Film School (FUC).

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:

03. 11. 2019: Curated by Series El contagio feminista 1: „Vocal technologies: the viral nature of the Green Tide“