Jan Burian


Composer, theater director, performer. Works with music of all genres, from electronic to classical to spiritual. He is particularly interested in the use of music and sound in everyday life. His works for theater emphasize simplicity and the combination of different genres and disciplines. He has a passion for alchemy. He is a founding member of the interdisciplinary art group Kyklos Galaktikos.

Kyklos Galaktikos:
Malediction (performance for 3 actors/technology – Alfred ve Dvoře, 2007)
Magnet (dance solo – Roxy/NoD, 2009)
Document 1 and 2 (theater document – Alt@ and Alfred ve Dvoře, 2009)
Solo for... (happening – Aero, 2010)
Kingdom without Borders (multimedia workshop/performance for children, 2010)
Alta and Omega (long-term cycle for the Alt@ dance studio, 2010)

Site specific:
Pohotovost (Preparedness) - Tábor
Spojení Závisení (Allied Dependence) - Nová Paka
Zážeh (Ignition) - Nová Paka
Chárón (Charon) - Val u Dobrušky

Repertory performances:
Crane Dance, Manu, Ctirad and Šárka
Theatrical collaborations:
Min Tanaka - Grimm Grimm 3 about Snow Whites
Peter Schumann – They sat by the table and ate
Rinde Eckert – Hands of Mosaic
Dogtroep - Cool Heavy Tango
Petr Nikl - Nests of Games of Improvisation
Sumako Koseki – Chronicle of Bones
Paco Decina - Salto nel vuoto
Silo Theatre - Cultivar
Jaro Viňarský - Paisyn, Animalinside
Ondřej Lipovský - Gorilas
Jiří Adámek - Europeans, 1001 Nights
Petra Tejnorová - Bluebeard, Personal Anamnesis, Now 55 31 13, South City – City of Dreams

Film music:
Pavel Koutecký - Icelandic Memory, Seekers of a Fixed Point… and more
Václav Švankmajer - Test, The Torchbearer, Fish

Musical projects:
Ikona (2004-2006)
Kyklos Galaktikos 

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:

17. 03. 2013: „Before they disappeared“