Michael Brewster

1946 in Eugene, Oregon geboren.

Ausstellungen (Auswahl):
1971 Fixed Frequency, Acoustic Field, Space F, Santa Ana, California; 1972 Piece of Newport Harbor Art Museum`s New Art in Orange Country, Acoustic Field, Space F, Santa Ana, California; 1976 Narrow Open Spaces, Acoustic Sculpture Roger Wong Gallery, Los Angeles, California; 1977 Concentrate/Break-Up, (An Exterior Acoustic Sculpture) in the Taraval St. Pedestiran Tunnel, Produced by CARP, San Francisco, California, 1977 An Acoustic Sculpture and a Clicker Drawing, Artists Space, 105 Hudson Street, N.Y; 1978 Synchromesh, An Acoustic Sculpture, Meyer Gallery La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, California; 1979 Stop Gap, Modern Art Galerie, Wien.


Selected Works

ORF-Kunstradio broadcasts:

Selected Exhibitions / Works:

1979: Audioscene
2000: RE-PLAY - Anfänge der internationalen Medienkunst in Österreich: Audio/Radio