Barcelona Laptop Orchestra

The Barcelona Laptop Orchestra made its first public appearance in June 2008. It is currently coordinated and conducted by Josep Maria Comajuncosas, professor at the Sonology Department of ESMUC. Members of the orchestra are professors and students from ESMUC and researchers from Pompeu Fabra University’s Music Technology Group.

The group’s aim is to offer a meeting point to sound researchers, digital luthiers, performers and composers, focusing on the development of new music control interfaces and new paradigms for network performance. Laptops have a central but not exclusive role in this project.

Their repertoire consists basically in new renderings of electroacoustic music classics and in improvisations.

Barcelona Laptop Orchestra performs regularly throughout Catalonia and has participated in the Sound and Music Computing Conference 2009 and 2010. 

Kunstradio Sendungen:

06. 01. 2013: „La Roda“