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Data Jockeys Tina Cassani and Bruno Beusch are the founders of the international production and communications network TNC Network, established in 1995.

In 1995 they founded the legendary cyber-radio Radio TNC. In 1996 they launched the interactive media fiction The Great Web Crash, which, in the meantime, has generated largely autonomous spin-offs.

In 1997, they organized Crash Party and Clone Party, two globally distributed networked events - occuring at the nexus of online and real world experience, based upon the new structures of power and responsability inherent in network-linked systems. These events were designed for the ever growing numbers of people logging on to the new technologies and wishing to experience massive parallelism of a vibrant, pulsating network-linked process.

Paris-based Beusch/Cassani have been working since 1988 as independent producers for main European networks (Radio France, ARD, BBC, ORF etc.), for cultural channels as well as for young, alternative stations (Couleur 3, Radio Fritz etc.). They have also collaborated with online networks (HotWired), and presented their projects in museums (Museum of Modern Art, Secession Vienna; Museum of Technology Paris etc.), at exhibitions and festivals.

Beusch/Cassani pioneered the link-up of radio and Internet. Radio TNC was one of the very few platforms on which radio, with its techno-aesthetic possibilities, its historically relative nature, its material constraints and limitations, was linked-up to the Internet in a multi-faceted array of combinations. A selection of the live webcasts realized since 1995 in collaboration with TNC's partners around the world, is available on TNC's site.

The most recent presentations of their networked projects include Ars Electronica Festival (Linz 1996, 1997), Hybrid Workspace/Documenta X (Kassel, 1997), and ISEA (Chicago, 1997).

April 1998: release of the CD "The Screen Turned Black"

Selected Works

1995 - : TNC Network
4. 2. 1997: Crash Party
11. 9. 1997: Clone Party

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

13. 10. 1988: "With the eyes shut"
19. 11. 1992: "Besuch (Visite) in S." (Also a CD)
4. 5. 1995: "Mono of course!"
11. 4. 1996: "Web Crash"
10. 4. 1997: "Open the Dog!"
Juli 1997: "Recycling the Future - Documenta X"
2. 4. 1998: "The Screen Turned Black" (Also a CD)
23.11.2011: "Besuch (Visite) in S."