Ros Bandt

ACOUSTIC ARTIST Ros Bandt is a well known Australian sound artist, composer performer, and visual artist who has practiced in the field internationally for over 20 years. She has pioneered unique interactive spatial sound forms including mixedmedia sound sculptures, interactive installations, spatial music and electronic music architectures since 1977. She interprets and "sounds" sites in unique ways. These have included indoor and outdoor venues such as wheat silos, concrete water tanks, car parks, Austrian salt mines, limestone Quarries and the virtual spaces of the internet. She is currently sounding the 90 metre city stack being built in the city of Melbourne. In 1998 she created a new range of works, interactive audible canvases and sound sculptures for her solo exhibition AUDITE which is touring Victorian regional galleries in 1999 and 2000.

Commissions: include the Paris Autumn Festival, ISCM Warsaw, ORF Vienna, Radio WDR and the ABC. In 1997, she returned to Cologne to complete her electronic radio work Thrausmata based on ancient Greek text fragments morphed on the computer. Her installations have been commisssioned in America, Canada, Poland, and Austria. She was artist in residence for Danceworks in1987 and has been commissioned by the world music ensembles The Chinese Orchestra and the Back to Back Zithers to write works for them.

Curator: Ros Bandt has overseen many international collaborative intermedia works combining sound, sculpture, light, music and performance. In 1994, she curated the first women's sound art show for the Composing Women's Festival in Melbourne at the Malthouse, South Melboune and in 1998 curated Beaming the Theremin for the Melbourne International Festival installing the entire Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne as a lotus flower of sound and light.

Publications: Ros Bandt has published internationally in the area of Sound Sculpture in Australia, and her new book researched on an ARC Research Fellowship will be published by Craftsman House in 2000. Her audioworks appear on MOVE Records, ABC records, New Albion Records USA, Transit CD Rom, Austria, Wergo, Germany and L'Agence des Refuses, France. Her notations are published by Currency Press and Allans. She has a PhD in New Music from Monash University.

Performance: As a performance artist she has toured her original music on original sound sources and sculptures throughout America Europe and Asia. She has also recorded and toured internationally with the ensembles, La Romanesca, LIME, Back to Back Zithers in which she is a founding member.

Awards: She has won the joint ABC/WDR sound art Australia award, also sponsored by the Goethe Institute, Australia's premiere award for musical composition, the Don Banks Composers Award, and she was the inaugural Benjamin Cohen Scholar for peace and innovation in Ball State University, USA. As early as 1981 she won an innovation grant for her sound playground. She has been awarded 2 ARC research grants the most recent to make an interactive sonic CDROM.

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

21. 12. 1989: "Solistice Quarry Piece"
01. 09. 1994: "Pillars of memory" - (installation at ZEITGLEICH, Hall in Tirol, summer 1994)
24. 09. 2000: "Stack"

stand: September 2000