Amarilys Quintero Ruiz /

Sonoro-visual artist, graphic designer, Illustrator, teacher and researcher.
She has participated in exhibitions in various galleries, museums in Havana, Caracas and Mexico.
She has made sound performances in cultural spaces, universities, galleries and museums of Venezuela and Colombia.
She has given several lectures at museums and educational and cultural institutions: the Institute of design Prodiseño, Institute of design Darias, higher University Institute of plastic arts Armando Reverón (IUESAPAR), Museo de la Estampa and the design Carlos Cruz Diez, in the Biennale lyrics Latino 2006, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas, Universidad Nacional Experimental de Yaracuy (UNEY) and at the international design Conference "Sign 2011"Merida - Venezuela, Fonoteca Nacional de Bogota and RTVC, Colombia 2012
She received the first prize in the genre of musical programs in the International Biennial of Radio with the work "The silent John Cage", in homage to the musician John Cage, Mexico, 2006
Co-founder of the Group's sound art "Eye mutant sound", 2006-2008. Co-founder of the Group ASRAV (sound art and Radioarte of Venezuela) 2008.
She has presented the first open work of sound art "Tunnel ON OFF" in the Sala José Ignacio Cabrujas. Chacao Cultural Foundation, 2007
Co - production, design and participation in the first album of sound art and Radioarte of Venezuela "Ars Sonus" which includes works by Venezuelan artists, 2008
Co-producer of the Ibero-American meeting of sound art "Parlante" in its three editions, 2009-2011. Caracas - Venezuela
Invited to the "XI Festival International of the image" in Manizales - Colombia, 2012 as a professor and artist. Invited to the "Week of Sound" held at the Fonoteca Nacional in Bogota. 2012 as a lecturer, teacher, and artist.

Selected Works

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