Luis Alvarado

(Lima, 1980)

He develops his work in different media: poetry, sound art, radio and the curatorial work. He has published the book "Inventario" (Ed. Yuggoth, 2010) which brings together the works of experimental poetry. He has published the disc's sound poetry "The voice of Jrguu" with his label and artistic platform Buh Records. He is the organizer of the festivals of experimental poetry " Poéticas Plurales" and "Inventar la voz".

He has been curator of the exhibition "Leave acting the time: Peruvian artists to 100 years of the birth of John Cage". He's the director of radio program "Cazar Truenos", devoted to sound experimentation, which is broadcasted through Radio Philharmonic. He co-directs the Sonoteca of Peruvian experimental music at Centro Fundación Telefónica in Lima.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

14. 07. 2013: La voz de los espíritus