Carlos Prieto Acevedo

Radiograms of Modernity

Mexico City native Carlos Prieto Acevedo has worked extensively in diverse artistic and editorial forms, and his own research is concerned with the archive in relation to sound art and music, and how it allows us to form a critique of modernity. Along with Mexican sound artist Mario de Vega based in Berlin, he is co-founder and curator of the interdisciplinary platform OPE3RA in Mexico City and the publishing project Ñ, which focuses on experimental literature, contemporary art, and philosophy and publishes artist books and sound documentation in various formats.

He has developed sound and radio art projects, like Radiograms of Modernity, an ex-profeso headphones sound intervention commissioned by Museo Nacional de Arte; and the 25 episodes radio documentary “1978, the Year We Live in Danger”, for Radio UNAM. As curator he is the author of the “Constellations of the Audio Machine in Mexico” exhibit, shown in Germany (2017) and Mexico (2019), and “Resurrections of Matter” (2018), monumental sound sculptures show, among other exhibit projects. Currently he is working on an extensive treatise on the idea of landscape in sound art and music in form of a book, and a Podcast blog. He is the author of the encyclopedic fanzine on the history of electronic music in Mexico, Voltage Variations.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

07. 03. 2021: “And they were prisoners“