O N   A I R

SINCE 1987

  • The Broadcast Archive is a "work in progress". The list of KUNSTRADIO broadcasts since 1987 is complete but only the years since KUNSTRADIO went "On Line" (1995, '96 and '97) contain all the data about individual programs. Reconstruction of data about earlier programs continues and the Broadcast Archive is being updated regularly.
  • Radio Artists contains the names and biographies (where available) of the people who have contributed to KUNSTRADIO and KUNSTRADIO OnLine since 1987.
  • Kunstradio Classics is a new feature OF KUNSTRADIO OnLine. This section is comprised of KUNSTRADIO broadcasts selected by Heidi Grundmann for their relevance to the concept of "Art for the Radio Medium". The original broadcast tapes have been newly encoded for RealAudio.
  • The Texts section was started in 1995. It is intended to expand "TEXTS" into a "Radio Theory" section, incorporating texts and statements from KUNSTRADIO publications and symposia.